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Wedding fashion: How to dress without going broke
Lancaster Newspapers
With some brides opting for quirky dress codes and other couples choosing not to give any direction at all, it can be a fashion minefield out there. Local fashion experts have seen it all, and have some tips to make sure your event calendar is all fun and no ...

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Furries and bronies bond at Blitz
Participants dress up as human-sized dogs, cats, foxes and more. The suits can cost thousands of dollars. Putting on a fur suit in public often draws negative attention. Media portrayals of furries have historically been unfair, and focused on a small sector of ...

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Sacramento Red Dress Party
The color red, found on the red ribbon, serves as a global symbol of Hiv/Aids awareness. That symbol is manifested in the required wearing of a red dress by all guests, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation at the Red Dress Party. The sea of red ...